Global repositioning and brand awareness campaign

Help relaunch Vodafone Cloud and Hosting offering, grow awareness, improve their position in the competitive cloud market and deliver high quality sales leads.

Very little awareness of VCH, late to market and no unique USPs.

Following some qualitative research that revealed a growing market but concerns around security and a desire to be seen as a ‘smart’ business I was able to explore themes around 'uncertainty' and 'reassurance' in this space. After strict brand guidance from Vodafone I set about finessing visual campaign ideas that would give them cut through against Microsoft and HP.

The resulting creative route moved considerably from the original idea which meant it needed consistent and strong visuals to bolster the campaign. The comercial and all supporting photography was directed and shot in South Africa.

15.8m ad impressions, 322% increase in web visits YoY, 347 content downloads, 1.7 m LinkedIn impressions in six weeks, 32 webinar registrations, 1000 visitors to internal campaign microsite.