Social campaign to educate, drive conversation and sign ups for Smartsheet software

Smartsheet Select logo

Smartsheet is helping businesses fundamentally change the way they work – to become more efficient, improve collaboration and increase productivity. But (almost) no one knows them – or how they can help – in EMEA.

Very limited brand awareness in Europe. The buying cycle involves multiple stakeholders and they rely on free trials to accelerate sales. They're mostly known as just a project management tool and need to shift perception to be recognised as a business transformation tool. Finally, the campaign must fall in line with strict brand guidelines.

My approach to this campaign was to think about what the perfect Smartsheet user looks like. How would they champion Smartsheet as more than a project management tool? Then I started working on a way to identify these users with the client’s help to create an elitist group of Smartsheet users. I called them the Smartsheet Select*. This campaign would invite other Smartsheet users to vote for the person who’s Smartsheet story sounded like the best use of the technology to implement Digital Transformation within their business. The campaign would Inspire others to try Smartsheet and understand how it can help them drive the transformation they need.
*The client didn‘t like the 'Smartsheet Elite'.