Website re-branding and development

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PARC invented the mouse, the internet and can turn seawater into car fuel, but the brand was out of date. As the innovation arm of Xerox, with a new CEO and mandate for growth, I was brought in to craft a new creative approach to their website. This would be teh platform to then build out global content marketing plan to drive leads.

To align a group of very clever scientists around messaging and a visual identity was challenging. However by hosting a creative workshop I was able to get them to explore competitor branding, photography, tone of voice, font relationships and colour options. This helped to establish how Parc’s brand would communicate visually whilst aligning and empowering a wide group of stakeholders to believe in the direction. .

From the Creatiev Workshop, I developed a brand playbook and style guide, which were used to inform a content audit and a ground-up website build. This included new wireframes for site templates and a HubSpot migration, all designed to drive lead generation for Parc. This also required custom API development to pull patent and publication data from an external database onto the website, and then to dynamically populate the site to maximise click-through to related content.

The result was a vibrant new website and brand identity, which resulted in increased blog subscriptions and a higher conversion rate on various key assets; 600 MQLs generated though the site in last 6 months. Landing page conversion rate of 38.29%, Contact us page conversion rate of 5.26%

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