Global re-branding

Encore logo

Develop a brand identity and guidelines for Ramada Encore including a brand—logo, visual system, messaging that encapsulates a newly developed tone of voice and positioning. Starting with an internal tagline - 'Refreshingly Different'.

Ramada Encore operates as a francise across 39 properties around the world. Each hotel manager took creative liberties with a the Encore marque because the previous brand had no rigour or centralised document to enforce brand unity around the world. The brand also didnt reflect the abition for the hotel to be 'vibrant'.

I hosted a Creative Workshop, following a Messaging Workshop, to explore how the brand visually communicates ‘Refreshingly Different'. This included the competition’s branding, photography, tone of voice, font relationships and colour.A brand ‘Playbook’ was developed as an output from the workshops to guide creative exploration. Multiple logo routes were explored with two routes of thinking; an evolution of the existing brand and a revolution in a new direction completely.