Campaign Platform and Art Direction

Encore logo

Develop a campaign platform and identity to support a pitch to win the Rugby League World Cup in England 2021. This includes the Men’s, Women’s and Wheelchair tournaments

Rugby League is primarily a northern sport whose fan's attitudes, behaviours and demographics differ from Rugby Union. Key to this response was to understand the core audience: Rugby League fans and secondary audience non-core (millennials, students, parents).
The platform would need to be reflective of the excitement and passion of the game, whilst bringing the tournament back to England and the North. Central to the thinking was working on the right proposition based on insight; 'The RLWC2021 is the must go to experience, that will immerse you in the excitement, passion and energy of a sport close to the north’s heart.' The platform and the key visual needed to: 1) Be simple enough to resonate with all audiences 2) Stay true to our proposition and 3) Communicate a campaign that is:
• A call to Arms
• A positive statement
• Shouts fun and enjoyment, without being clichéd
• Links to the game, but wakes up non-core fans
• Rich enough to change language to difference audiences

A set of different platforms we're developed, and 'Experience Epic' was put forward. As a platform it means the RLWC is bigger than just a game. It is legendary, monumental and extraordinary. ‘EXPERIENCE’ speaks to non-core fans as an inclusive, positive call to action. ‘EPIC’ is both contemporary and regional in language. It shouts of enjoyment to non-core fans and also lands how core fans view the game and cherish the sport. It also acknowledges that the RLWC is a great game.

Visually with a background of an industrial north I took inspiration from natural materials and textiles to communicate the heart of where the game is adored.
• Exploding Coal (Experimented with charcoal to see how it breaks and cracks)
• Igniting metal
• Ambers and sparks
• Screen printing and Typography
• Beautiful North