Sports sponsorship campaign

The Hisense brand has grown throughout the world using football as a catalyst through partnerships with the likes of UEFA and FIFA. Their new partnership with PSG was a key enabler for the French market to accelerate growth. I needed to focus on three core objectives: 1) Increase sales of Hisense products that create leads and motivate sales opportunities. 2) Boost awareness of the Hisense brand; create emotional connectivity between the brand & fans. 3)Drive brand appetite and credibility; create trust in product reliability. The core task was to create a campaign that optimises creativity to generate high performing impact against KPIs to deliver maximum ROI by maximizing your partnership rights and assets for optimum impact.

The main challenge with this brief was to definite a campaign that could be easily understood when translated, while also directing, shooting and building a comprehensive got to market media toolkit for three languages. The solution needed to address Hisense's biggest challenge - the fact that they never really get considered when up against the Panasonics, Samsungs, LGs and Sonys of the world. Their products are just as good, but with a cheaper price point.

The process of finding a commonality between, PSG, the fans and Hisense products started with me working with Planning to define a proposition. PSG is a club that challenges the status quo, it asks us to ‘dream bigger’ in life, as well as what can be achieved on and off the pitch. The fans are Fiercely passionate and expectant of their club, they want products they can trust to enhance their lives / bring happiness, in life they strive to provide the best for themselves / families. Hisense empowers you to take the ‘smart choice’ when it comes to living with the latest tech and premium production, at an accessible price. When factoring these three things in a proposition was defined as 'Hisense will enrich your passions (through its products) and enhance your football/PSG experience at home if you make the smart choice'.

That led me to a thought around fortunate favouring the brave. And that if a consumer just paid attention to the small details that a Hisense product can offer, they'd reap the reward. And so, 'Details Make the Difference' was born. This platform enabled me to play with the PSG players visually to position them as the acknowledgment the consumer needs to make a bold decision and go with Hisense.