Sports sponsorship campaign

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To develop an engaging and unique core creative theme for Hisense UK that leverages their partnership with UEFA Euro 2020, while delivering an integrated marketing campaign that supports it. Target aspirational but budget conscious consumers, who use online and in-store information to make informed decisions.

Grow prompted and unprompted brand awareness in The UK. Drive awareness of UEFA Euro 2020 partnership. Increase sales conversion and deliver a tailored initiative for retailers instore. Grow annual website traffic.

My involvement in this campaign started at intercepting the articulation and thus subsequent campaign assets from it's original thought of ‘Imagine Now’ to ‘Imagine Greatness’. The shift was to enable us to craft a more compelling visual and engaging campaign.

The word greatness is reflective of Hisense products and the excitement of a tournament held in multiple countries unlike anything UEFA have done before. It opens the campaign up to explore what it means to be great for both the brand, the tournament and our audience.

In the key visual the TV (hero product) is the focal point of the campaign and the brand. This approach to a heavenly scene plays on immortalisation and the feeling consumers will have when they use a Hisense product. In this instance, watching the Euros on a 4k TV fully immersed at home with friends.