Fully integrated 360 campaign for the Baltics

Historically, Beck’s has communicated intensively on its German heritage and its consistency in quality and recipe (following the German Purity Law). Given their German heritage, they were mostly perceived as distant, cold and stiff. To further fuel brand growth and demand they needed to build on the emotional connection with their consumers and make Becks stand for something which has high emotional interest for them.

Music has the potential to become a point of difference for Becks. The brief here was to develop a 360 Music Toolkit campaign under their existing global concept.

Using their partnerships as support in their overall model, I had to develop a campaign concept that aligned to an existing brand campaign called, 'Live the way you feel'. Targeting just the Baltics region I needed to develop a creative solution that demonstrated; 1) An motional brand role delivered in all campaign assets 2) A catchy and disruptive activation ideas and executions 3) Regionally scalable trial experience at events

Music is personal. A single-track has infinite possibilities and the power to unlock us in different ways. Endless ways to make us move, make us feel, and inspire us. The soundtrack of a million different moments and the trigger to a million different memories.

I wanted this campaign to inspire and enable people to express themselves without judgement, through their love of music. Unlock Your Own Rhythm (#UnlockYourself ) was born. A campaign that visually uses the shape of the shield from the Beck's logo as a keyhole portal to take us on a journey through a myriad of ‘what if?’ moments of self-expression.